M&M&B: Mount and Blade, Eminem Edition

Well…’caught a snag in the whole, “I bought Mount&Blade: Warband” plan.  The company I bought it from is apparently full of illiterate codpieces and they sent me Penumbra: Black Plague, instead.

Don’t worry, I’ve never heard of it, either.  It seems to be a mix between Alan Wake and the FEAR games; but then again of course, I haven’t opened the box, because it’s not the game I had any interest in buying.

So far we are in day 3 of waiting for the company to respond to me.  Checking their feedback (I bought the game on Half.com) they seem to have a problem with replying to customers.

That’s fine…another couple days and I’ll just a file a report through Half.com that I want my money back.  I’ll buy Warband from someone else and get Penumbra for free, hmph!


Anyway, let me tell you about my quandary with Peanut M&Ms.  I don’t like them…I never have.  I was never a big fan of M&Ms to begin with, there were always other types of candy I’d rather have as a child, but M&Ms were okay.

That being said I especially hated Peanut M&Ms!  Why, though, you might ask?  After all, I love peanuts and M&Ms were at least tolerable, if not good.

Simple…because I don’t like my food mixed.  Yeah, I’m one of those people.  I don’t like lettuce or tomatoes on my sandwiches, but I’ll eat a salad or a tomato sandwich (Bread, Mayo, and tomatoes with a touch of salt).  I love cucumbers, but if they’re on my salad…I pick them off and eat them separately.

I like nuts, particularly peanuts, but I don’t like nuts on or in my food.  Brownies are okay, but not if they have nuts on them, I like carrot cake…again not if it has nuts in it, though.  So Peanut M&Ms were always a bad treat to me.

As a child I would suck the chocolate and candy coating off a peanut M&M and then spit out the peanut.  I’d let the peanuts dry, then eat them later.  I know…it was weird, but at least I didn’t waste ‘em, right?

So a while ago I was staring at a vending machine and I had this terrible, insatiable craving for Peanut M&Ms.  I don’t know why.  Now three months later…I’m eating the things like they’re Final Fantasy Potions and I’m fighting the cheap-ass last boss.

I can’t get enough of the frickin’ things.  In three months’ time I’ve spent about $10 a week, on average, on buying $1 bags of peanut M&Ms (2-3 bags a day at times).  Which is okay, I budget about $2 day for vending machine purchases and I’ve been under budget lately, so right now I’m doing good.

There are also little quarter candy machines at the place where I work.  One day, having only 50 cents on me…not enough to buy an actual bag from the real machines, I got a quarter’s worth of Peanut M&Ms.  It was a handful of the tasty little bastards.

This got me thinking…the bag only gives me 2-3 handfuls and costs 4 times as much.  So, once I had gotten some more cash and coinage, I bought a bag and it gave me 21 M&Ms for $1.00.  Then I put a quarter in the little machine and got 10 M&Ms for 25 cents.

Now I carry around a sandwich baggy and hit the quarter machine when I want some.  Eventually I’ll just get around to buying the giant Halloween-size bags in bulk and just fill up ziplock bags with Peanut M&Ms.


…that is if I can ever get under budget again on my stupid vending cravings.

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  1. Sally Franklin Christie
    Sep 25, 2011 @ 20:55:13

    Okay, doh, now I get it. I had a bonus brother who had to have his dinner spooned up early and refridgerated to bring it down to room temp. And yes, I read far enough down to find out what a ‘dick’ you are! Too Funny!

    A Friend of your Mom!


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