New Feature: Dick of the Month

I’m going to start a new series with the blog, as a matter of fact I was planning to post this up Friday, but got called into work and have been too busy to do it since.  I’d like to call it, since we are technically, the Dick of the Month Club.  It’s kind of like Ben Thompson’s Badass of the Week thing, except…I’m too lazy to do it every week and being badass is actually a prerequisite not to have to get on our list.  Thinking you’re a badass when you really aren’t, though?  Perfect criteria!

You see I’ve been a huge fan of Ben Thompson ever since I first read an article of his posted up on forums (which I’m not linking to, because it crashed my browser every time I went to it; fair warning!) some years ago.  I don’t know if it was done by him, or if someone hijacked his article and took credit for it.  Either way I recognized the writing style when I stumbled upon his book.

See I worked at the Newspaper and the book critic would regularly clean out his closet of advanced copies every 3-6 months and toss out all the books he’d received.  I actually have a few copies of books that have the author’s autograph in it…to the critic of course, but still, it’s an autographed copy of a book.

Ben Thompson’s first Badass book, he’s now written a second one, was part of the pile.  I read the back cover and that old article on Jack Churchill from Bullshido immediately came to mind.  I flipped through the book and found that very article, having been cleaned up a bit, in the book.

Needless to say, since the books were ‘free to good homes,’ I adopted it.  I highly suggest buying his books, not to mentioned frequenting his site.  He’s very entertaining, humorous, and smart.

But enough about my bromance with Ben Thompson, back to ripping off his great idea!


The Rules:

If you would like to nominate someone as Dick of the Month, please use the e-mail form to the right of the blog and submit them.

Criteria to be a Dick…

  • Person must have done something Dickish
  • Person must…um…must be…nope, that’s really it, just be a dick.

Remember, the dickery must have happened either during the month in question, or in the month before.  For instance September’s Dick might have done his dickery in August; this is acceptable.  But if he did his dickery in June, then he’s no longer eligible…and is simply an ordinary dick.

The exception to this rule is if he is a constant dick, in which case he must do something unusually dickish in the predescribed months to qualify.  Like Moammar Qaddafi nuking a Day Care Center or Charlie Sheen tackling and injecting joggers with AIDs-bearing Tiger’s Blood in the park.

So submit your name (state if you wish to remain anonymous), your e-mail (so I can respond with laughitude and nominal head shaking and teeth-clicking), and your submission.  The more details you include the better, however don’t flood the e-mil form with a 1,000 word essay on the person.

Well-written and thoughtful submissions of thoughtless people will, of course, be looked upon most favorably; over silly attempts to communicate with me through some other language like Esperanto, Ebonics, or Clicky Noises.  I don’t speak clicky noises.  Although admittedly my pen seems quite fluent in the language; however it is a sub-par translator.

Winners of the Dick of the Month contest will receive…a blog post dedicated almost entirely, if not fully, to them.  The winning submission will receive…a blog post dedicated to their chosen dick!  Oh and being mentioned by name (or anonymity, if desired) as the person who submitted the dick.

Dicks can be regular Joes or celebrities, whoever you think is most apt to be named Dick of the Month.  If there is more than one good choice in a single month, I may split the post up to touch on each candidate, but generally I’ll try to pick a #1.



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