Asphalt Hats

Found a patch for the textures in Penumbra: Black Plague; so now it works properly.  I’ve continued to play it, so some more composition about it may come later.

But for now I find it far more interesting talking about the headwear of the asphalt layers at my job site.  No, really.  I was sitting at my desk staring out the windows and watching them work.  That’s when I noticed a man wearing a Sunegasa.  That’s one of those conical Asian hats that you always see rice farmers wear in Vietnamese movies and they’re also worn by any samurai trying to hide his appearance in an old samurai movie.

Then I realized something even stranger…there was another guy wearing a Sunegasa.  Most of the crew is wearing baseball caps, a few guys just with bandanas, but there are two men walking around in Sunegasas.

After realizing this I started paying more attention to their headwear.  Some guys were wearing their ball caps backwards, not unusual, some guys had their bandanas covering their heads, some guys just had the bandana rolled and tied around their scalp like a sweatband.

Then there were two guys who, I assume were the foremen, wearing hardhats and watching everyone else do the real work; one old guy with a Hapsburg fedora.  And finally one guy with a State Trooper-style hard-rimmed boonie hat on.

That’s when I noticed the guy on the bicycle ride through the 7 sawhorse barricades and pedal through the parking lot as if there was nothing going on.  I mean…really?  No less than 7 sawhorses to barricade a 2-car wide roadway and you don’t arrive at the conclusion that you’re not supposed to be there?

I think it should be legal to shoot these people.  Really.  I think it should be Just Cause to blow these peoples’ kneecaps off and leave them in the road.


…but wait until he gets back on the road, if you cap his knees in the parking lot he’ll land in the new asphalt.


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