South Park: Hot Karl

Oh my…the conversations that old episodes of South Park will create.  My fiancée was watching an episode of South Park on Netflix and they used the term: Hot Karl.  She sent me a text asking what it was.  This is a word for word transcript…

Her: What’s a hot karl?  It was on South Park.

Me: A sexual act wherein one partner shits on the other partner’s face.

Her: Oh, that’s an odd name for it.  We do that a lot.  Why do they call it that?

Me: What?

Her: What do you mean what?

Me: What do you mean, “We do that a lot”?  Who’s pooping on your face?

Her: Oh, oops.  Thought shit was sit.  Sorry.

Me: Yeah, not a typo that time, sicko.

Some women cheat on their spouses by having sex with other men.  Mine led me to believe she let other guys shit on her.  And she tells me a blow job is cheating; hmph!


And yes…I actually use the word wherein.


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