Penumbra: Update

Forgot to mention this a while ago, but I got the patch for Penumbra!

Okay, the patch worked wonders…Penumbra: Black Plague is actually playable and looks decent.  It’s still not as good as any game you’d see today, but it was made about 2008, I believe, so that’s sensible.

Penumbra’s not bad, but at the same time it’s not great.  Considering I’m told that you can get the whole series of games for about $20, I’d say it’s definitely worth it, though.  If you like games with old-school physics puzzles or you like real survival horror, these games are for you.  If you thought that Resident Evil (the first one) would have been cooler if you didn’t have a gun or a knife, then you’d probably love this game.

That being said…I’m not one of those people.  Even so, I still like the game, although it’s mainly for the storyline and particularly for the hilarious commentary from your split-personality, Clarence.

There’s just something about winning somewhat of a boss fight by hiding out, sneaking past the monster, and locking him in a room by himself behind a door he can’t break down…only to be followed by Clarence suggesting you celebrate with, “…some nice relaxing cyanide.  I think I saw some Anthrax around here somewhere, too, y’know.”

I’ve taken a break from the game for a day or so, because I’m not much for the horror puzzles, but the game does definitely mess with your head.  There’s just something about a split personality that can control your sensory functions and tricks you into hallucinating by hiding doors or creating fake walls or making you think you’re fighting an infected creature, only to find out it didn’t even exist.

That being said I plan on continuing the game after my brain recollects itself and gets into puzzle and sneaky-mission mode again.


That and my wife asked me to stop playing the game while she slept, she can’t take the nightmares the creepy atmospheric music creates for her.


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