Oregon MMA Fighters Stop Robbery

What happens when a bunch of Oregon fighters stop by Los Angeles for a tournament?  Well if those Oregonians are Brent Alvarez and Billy Denney, they stop crime, that’s what the hell they do!

When the clerk of the hotel they were staying in cried for help as he handed the register full of cash over to a gun-toting robber, Alvarez and Denney leaped into action.

While Denney, a student at Alvarez’s Oregon school Twisted Web MMA, disarmed the man and held control of his wrists, Alvarez put the would-be robber in a rear-naked choke and they held him until the police arrived to take the poor sap into custody.

Here’s the local newscast from KCAL Channel 9 news:




Here’s the story as per Yahoo!


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