Photopost: Demotivation

Have you seen those Demotivational Posters?  The ones based off the old Motivational Posters like these.

Well those are inspiring, sure, but I love the Demotivational Posters much more.  And because of my enjoyment of them, today’s Photopost (actually yesterday, but I was very busy playing the hell out of Mount&Blade working on my writing) is some of my favorite Demotivational Posters that I’ve seen recently.

The only problem is that it should say Pixar, not Disney. I remind myself of that insignificant fact, so that I don't think about the montage and weep...again.

No, really…I’m not ashamed to admit that my fiance and I had to pause Up! after the opening montage because we couldn’t see or hear over our own bawling.  It was worse than when we watched the anime Basilisk, together.

Silly Brits; you should name your towns after Pennsylvania customs--like: Bluballs and Intercourse.

Not as bad as the boroughs of Economy and Industry in the Pittsburgh area.  Not very outside the box, y’know?


Bad kitty!  Stop playing with your food!

And I leave with you this…

This could be a very deep subject.

Next time we’ll have some sex-related Demotivational Posters, so look forward to that next Friday.  And this time it won’t be late! *Gasp!*

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