December Dick of the Month: Arizona Humane Society

Many of us have been in Mr. Daniel Dockery’s shoes.  Our beloved cat is injured, we take it to the veterinarian, and the vet checks our kitty out and says that it will be $400 worth of surgery.

Now if you read my blog, you probably aren’t the kind of person who can just pull that kind of cash out of your back pocket.  No my readers are probably more of the kind of people like myself, or Mr. Dockery; rather poor.  Sure I’m poor because I was born that way and Mr. Dockery, 49, is poor because he was addicted to Heroin and is a recovering addict.

Now…either way, neither I nor Mr. Dockery have the financial means to be putting $400 into a cat so easily.  I have the luxury of fiscal control in that I have some savings and could acquire $400, if necessary.

Mr. Dockery did not even have that luxury.  But alas, his poor kitty, named Scruffy, was the main thing helping him to recover from his heroin addiction.  He couldn’t just let his beloved feline go.  Mr. Dockery tried to get his mother from Wisconsin to wire money or pay with a credit card over the phone, which the Arizona Humane Society that he had gone to refused to accept or wait for.  Mr. Dockery had to pay the $400 up front, or leave with no feline medical care.

So the vets that Mr. Dockery went to came up with what Mr. Dockery found to be an acceptable tradeoff: Sign Scruffy over to the ownership of the Arizona Humane Society and Scruffy will be treated for free, then given to a foster family for care.

Mr. Dockery didn’t want to give up his beloved cat, which he found and raised from the age of 4 days, hand-feeding her before her eyes even opened.  But it was the only way he could save her.

So Mr. Dockery signed the papers and departed.  Scruffy was then shipped off to another location to undergo surgery…and was subsequently euthanized.

Mr. Dockery claimed that the injury was not life-threatening, but the representative from the Arizona Humane Society said that Scruffy was cut from the belly to the knee, to the muscle, and that they didn’t have enough vets to fix her up.

From the report I read, the representative Ms. Stacy Pearson,  claimed the following:

“[Pearson] said staff had every intention of getting Scruffy the help she needed but the number of animals requiring help at the group’s second-chance clinic was too much for the resources available.

If Dockery had been able to pay, Scruffy would have been treated at the facility where he brought her, Pearson said.”

So, in other words…if Dockery had been able to pay up-front, the cat would have been fixed up on the spot.  But because Mr. Dockery was too poor to pay for it on the spot…the cat’s injury was life-threatening and she subsequently had to be put down.

So the members of the Arizona Humane Society earn December’s Dick of the Month award.  Nothing like murdering a recovering heroin addict’s kitten because he can’t pay you.

Oh and their mea culpa (that’s fancy speak for bullshit apology) was to let the guy have any cat in their shelter.  The story didn’t mention he could have it for free, either, they just said he could pick out any cat he wanted.  Yeah, we murdered your cat, so here’s another one that you won’t be able to pay for medical care for.

The good news is that now they take credit cards like any respectable business in the 21st century would.  So maybe poor people like myself and Mr. Dockery can just go into irreparable debt for our animals, and not sign them into the hands of murderers.

But not just any murderers…Dick of the Month murderers.



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