Syria’s Bloody Revolution

For those who are unaware, or ignoring, the issues in Syria.  This is a compilation of what’s going on there.  Syrians are protesting a tyrannical rule considerably worse than Moammar Qhadafi’s.  The leader of Syria, Bashar al-Assad makes Moammar Qhadafi look like Big Bird.

Al-Assad has surrounded the 3rd largest city of Syria, Homs, with artillery, tanks, snipers, and a few army battalions.  The Syrian army, under al-Assad’s direct orders, are shooting unarmed civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.  They are also kidnapping, torturing, and murdering children from the homes of protestors.

Defectors from the Syrian Army have formed what they call the Free Syrian Army.  These soldiers abandon tanks and sneak inside the rebel-favored cities, such as Homs.  The FSA could badly use said tanks, but the Syrian Air Force bombs the defectors if they try to abscond with their armored artillery or tanks.

The FSA have limited ammunition and few good rifles.  They are fighting army snipers with small arms and black-market scope-less AK-47s.  They are fighting tanks with outdated rocket-propelled grenade launchers and hand grenades.

The international community (i.e. the U.N., USA, and E.U.) are ignoring the situation for the most part, at least militarily.  The rebel initiative of the FSA could be aided exponentially by simple things: Food, rifle scopes, ammunition, and medical supplies.

An $80 scope, $20 worth of canned food, and two $30 boxes of ammunition would be less than many people spend on presidential candidate donations, but would allow a single soldier of the FSA to stop a Syrian sniper from gunning down a handful of pregnant women.

Welcome to Syria bitches, another couple of years and the Second American Revolution will be looking like this.  Just wait for it.



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