My Mistake and New Post

Whoops…I set up the post scheduling  wrong and none of them posted this week.  I accidentally set them all up for next week.  So, uhh…I’ve moved them around some.  This post was supposed to be Monday the 20th’s post.  I’ll catch up to myself here.

At my newest posting I start 3:30 pm and I, along with my colleague, replace the day shift woman.  My new manager has told me that the day-shift woman complains if she doesn’t get to leave on time.  So he urges us all to show up early, if not on time.

I did a week’s training, and then began full-time.  It was about my second full-time week there and I was working with the guy I basically replaced (he’s semi-retired now, only works part time as a fill-in).  We went to the desk to take over the post at 3:27 and she chewed us out for being too early saying, “You’re not supposed to be here until three-thirty!”

My semi-retired colleague replied, “Ma’am, it is three-thirty.  Three-twenty-seven to be exact.”

And she glared at him, “I don’t need smart ass comments.”

She’s lucky she snapped at him, because I was one foot out the door at the first complaint.  Considering she gets paid more than I do, has a better shift than I do, and does half as much work as I do…I don’t intend to put up with her shit.  Especially since the little bitch and I hadn’t even been officially introduced.  I didn’t even know her name, yet.

So now I show up on time at best, if not a few minutes late.  So folks, take that as a lesson…if your departure time at your place of work is dependent on somebody else, you probably shouldn’t be a dick to that person.  Especially if they’re new and have relatively little to lose by changing jobs.



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