The Shelf Life Series

While at Tekkoshocon one of the guests, Travis Willingham, held a panel talking about a side project that he and a few of his colleagues are working on.  Headed up by Yuri Lowenthal, his wife Tara Platt, the aforementioned Travis Willingham, and a group-effort by Bryan Enk and Dee Bradley Baker for the Samurai Snake character, they play a team of action figures living on some kid’s shelf.

The series is called Shelf Life.  It’s quite funny, actually.  Imagine Toy Story, but not for children…not at all.  Sniffing markers, eating toothpaste ‘ice cream’, having sex with Barbie, stealing Ken’s sports car.

Here’s the trailer…

There’s two seasons up right now, take the time to watch them.  They’re at

It’s not safe for work…which means it’s worth getting fired to watch it on the job, so go ahead!



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