Sex Education in America: My Proposal

Catholics think condoms are wrong, right? They should all donate theirs for poor boys like this.

I came across this picture on Facebook a couple of days ago and it really got me thinking about Sex Education.  As hilarious as the picture is and how much I hope it’s just a prank or a joke, I fear it might not be.  Abstinence should be taught, yes, but so should sex education.

So this one’s gonna be a two-parter.  First I’ll talk about the course itself, then on Wednesday I’ll finish the plan off with a more in-depth curriculum summary and my final thoughts.

I figure with the recent hooplah about reproductive rights and how little so many people seem to know about contraceptives and abortions, this would be at least somewhat topical.

Sex Education in School

1.       The Course

There is always a hot debate about whether or not you should have sex education in schools.  I’m firmly on the side of ‘yes’.  As a matter of fact, I think that to be an accredited private/charter school that should be part of your required curriculum.  If you don’t pass Sex Ed. then you don’t graduate, same as any other course.

I think that it should be required to occur no later than 7th Grade, but no earlier than 6th Grade.  It will be up to the particular school in question to decide whether or not it will be 6th or 7th grade.  Why then?  Because that’s when students will be around 13 years old.  I support Pennsylvania’s system of age of consent laws where sex is unlawful under the age of 13.  From 13 to 16 you can only engage in sexual acts with someone within 4 years of your age, over the age of 13 (i.e. someone who is 13 can only engage in sexual acts with someone 13-17, a fifteen year old can engage in sexual acts with someone 13-19, etc.).  At 16 the person is considered to be at the age of consent and can engage in sexual interactions with whomever they please, as long as they are over 13.

All that illustrates this point: Sex is legal at age 13; in Pennsylvania, at least (and we’ll use PA’s model, since we’re a relatively sexually conservative state).  So since sex is legal, we cannot prohibit sexually active 13 year olds, or sexually active 13-17 year olds who wish to become sexually active with other 13-17 year olds.  As such, 13 year olds should be taught about sex, intercourse, sexuality, pregnancy, and birth control.

My High School had a voluntary sexual education program.  In 6th Grade they took a section of each day for about 4 weeks, if I recall properly, and separated the classes by male and female.  But before it started, parents were given the chance to have their child ‘opt-out’ of the program and not take the course.  Those students were basically given a half-day study hall, while the others were taught how to properly put on a condom, bear a child, have sex, etc.

In a perfect system I’d have a quarter-credit course in 6th Grade where the students are separated based on gender and taught about their bodies and each other’s bodies.  Then in 7th Grade they will have a co-ed Sex Ed. course so that they can become more comfortable with sexually with their opposing genders.

Remember, right now these are your children's Sex Ed instructors.


Second part on Wednesday…


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  1. Melvin Carswell
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 16:39:22

    I really enjoy the article post.Really looking forward to read more. Keep writing.


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