Akian’s Bullies Were Teachers

Ladies and gentleman, as you may well know there are good people out there in the world.  There are, I have a firm belief in that.  But there are also people out there who are cruel, inhumane, and deserve to be dragged into the street and beaten with sticks.

If you have about 17 minutes to spare, my words cannot do justice to this story, not as well as the raw audio and the father’s own words.

Here’s my synopsis: Kid with Autism (named Akian) starts school and begins exhibiting signs of violence.  Not while at home…only when at school.  A year and a half after this, his father finally puts a wire on his son and sends him to school.

Here’s the video…

First of all…Kudos to Stu.  He is an idiot for not suing, I won’t cut any corners about that.  He needs to sue and demand the termination or resignation of all the people who were in that room that day.  He needs to demand criminal charges be brought against the people in the room.  He needs to demand the de-certification of everyone in that room.  He needs to sue the universities that these women got their degrees from, because they apparently didn’t teach these women well.  He and he needs to do all this without accepting a large cash settlement.  Take the school to court and make it public.  Bend that school board over a desk and shove a whole book’s worth of legal papers up their collective rectums and don’t stop until they cry as hard and as much as poor Akian did.

But aside from Stu’s silliness in not filing charges or suing, I do have to give him kudos.  If Akian were my kid, I’d have walked into that classroom and dragged that teacher, and as many of her cronies as I could hold on to, out of that classroom and paraded them up and down the halls of that school until they cried as much as Akian did.

But I’m an overtly vengeful person, too, so I guess that kind of makes sense.  Honestly I’d have probably tracked these bitches down and vandalized their homes and physically assaulted them all, then vandalized and assaulted all of the school administrators and the members of the school board if they just tried to sweep this shit under the rug like they did.

So here’s my goals, which are impossible to attain I admit, but I’ll shoot for them anyway.  Create a big enough stink to get all the teachers and aides that were in that room fired or forced to resign.  Get the Principal, Vice Principal, and Superintendent to resign or be fired.  And get anyone on the school board who votes against firing or forcing he resignation of these asshats to either resign or be considered unvotable by the locals in that area.

Big goals, but what the hell; worth it, I think.



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