Corrupt Local Yokals

Just a bit of news, my fiancé was recently in a car accident.  She’s okay, the car isn’t, and it’s going to cost me a fortune.  Why?  Because my future father-in-law manages a mechanic shop, with towing services.  I can get discounted, or free, towing.  As such I didn’t pay the extra $27 a month for the towing/rental package from my car insurance.

But when the accident happened, my fiancé drove the car away from the accident site.  The responding police officer then deemed the vehicle was not drivable and ordered a tow.  He forced my fiancé to get towed by the local towing company (who has a very lucrative contract with 5 of the local police forces) to their impound/service lot.

When her brother was caught trespassing (he was riding his dirt bike in a place he shouldn’t have been) the cops impounded his bike and it cost $160 to ‘tow’ the dirt bike to the impound lot.  They also charged $60 a night for storage.

That was a dirt bike; imagine what towing and storing a car is going to cost me!  And he didn’t even tow it to my garage to get fixed!

I live on the border of four different police precincts.  We’ve got a corrupt force who won’t enforce drug laws but brutally punishes sound ordinance offenders (a guy refused to turn down his music…so they tazed him), a force that has a 45 minutes response time (over an hour if the local corner store just put out fresh coffee), a force with four vehicles and only two officers on duty at any time (one squad car, two unmarked cars, and one K-9 unit SUV), and then one that relegates a lot of its patrol duties to a private security company (I know because I work for the company).

All four of these precincts have contracts with this towing and impound company.  If you have an accident within a 25-mile radius of my home…I know where your car’s going to be.


To go further into stories of corrupt police forces…my boss was telling me a story the other day.  He said that he was sitting in his living room watching T.V. and noticed a pair of cars pull up in front of his house.

A handful of guys got out of the vehicles, dressed in all-black with sunglasses on, and walked into his yard, approaching his house.

They walked up to his door…and hard kick ripped it right off the hinges.  My boss leapt to his feet and jumped behind the couch, he’s trained in Kempo Karate, and prepared to square off with the five or so guys that just charged into his home.

“Are you Robert?” asked the guy in the lead.

My boss shook his head and said, “No.”

“Do you know where Robert is?”

Again, “No.”

“Is Mary here?”

At this point my boss called his mother down from her room upstairs, as she was living with him at the time, and told her, “Ma, I think they’re looking for Robby.”

Only now did the badges come out and the men explained that they had a warrant for my boss’ brother-in-law and since this was my boss’ mother-in-law’s listed residence, they thought maybe he was there as well.

After forcing my boss to prove his identity and searching the house (without a search warrant) they said they were convinced that Robert wasn’t there and they began to depart.

That’s when my boss posed a question to them, “Hey!  What about my door?  You kicked it in, remember?”

The lead detective looked at my boss, looked at the door, then shrugged, “That’s your homeowner’s insurance.”

There are a lot of good cops out there…it’s a shame it seems like the asshole cops are the ones who get hired, though.


My boss had a $500 deductible on his insurance, so he just bought two dead bolts and put a steel piano hinge on the door.  Good luck ripping that bitch off the hinges.


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  1. Louie (C.E.C. Trainer. Bad ass extraordinaire. Sexy Muh-fuggah.)
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 10:50:47

    B-ville cops entered my Aunt’s house, without permission, by using scare tactics on my cousin.

    He was nine at the time…He thought he was being arrested for not wearing a helmet while riding his bike.

    After he let the officer in, balling his eyes out, the cop proceeded to search my aunt’s house, again, no warrant. When she arrived home, the cop began to accuse her of breaking and entering her neighbors house. When she denied the charges, only then did the officer check to make sure this was, in fact, the person he was looking for.

    Wrong house…
    on the wrong street…
    questioning the wrong people.

    It is all shoddy. *mumble mumble*


    • Dickjutsu
      Jun 28, 2012 @ 02:06:51

      I haven’t dealt with them in a while, I’m caught in the Scarneglberg triumvirate of cops. It’s been about three years since I lived on the B-ville side of things.

      When I did though, I remember watching T.V. in my living room one day. As the screen faded to black to go to commercial, I realized there was a face behind me. I looked back to see a man standing in my front yard, staring at me through my front window.
      We locked eyes and he motioned toward the nearby front door. Intrigued I walked to the door and opened it a sliver. He said, “I assume you’re not Donna?”
      “Correct, I’m not Donna,” I responded, gingerly fingering the katana in my hand just out of his view.
      “Do you know where Donna is?” he asked.
      “I don’t know *who* Donna is, much *where*,” I laughed nervously.
      “She doesn’t live here?” he pressed me for information I did not have.
      “I think the last owner of this house, her name was Donna,” I remembered the name, vaguely, “But she moved out weeks before I moved in.”
      “Did she leave anything behind?”
      “An empty guitar case,” I answered.
      “Can I see it?” he was nigh-giddy with excitement.
      “It was broken, I threw it away when I moved in,” I admitted.
      “Well shoot,” the man gave up handing me a business card, “Well if you see Donna, would you do me a favor and call this number and try to keep her here until I show up?”
      I looked at the card…he was a Deputy Constable. I’d been living in that house for over a year at that point. I’d say the local Constabulary doesn’t update their files enough.


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