Alan Wake (PC): Update

So I’ve finished Alan Wake’s main gameplay and both of the additional scenarios in the game.  I had spoken in my review the other day about there being a lack reason for replay.

Well I’ve recently had a trip to the oral surgeon for an extraction and figured I’d sit back and relax over a feature I remembered reading about from the options screen: Video Commentary.

Now let me tell you that I love commentary on DVDs and stuff, it lets me watch a movie a second time and learn all about the behind the scenes, cool trivia, and all kinds of stuff about that.

Here’s a clip comparison between the first few minutes of the opening tutorial level without commentary, then with commentary.

As you can see, if you can get passed the fact that everyone involved in the commentary is Nordic (the game’s developer, Remedy, is a Finnish company) and all have accents.  A few of them aren’t too thick, but a few seem to be struggling at times.

All in all, though, it certainly makes me have to change my stance on the replayability.  I love commentary, so I think I’ll play the game again for the commentary.

I’m considering a few possibilities for my next game.  I’m really looking at the Penny-Arcade games, On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness.  One reason is that I played the demo of the first game, way back when it came out, and I liked it.  I’m a big fan of Gabe and Tycho in Penny-Arcade, and I’m also a big fan of their creators for the Child’s Play charity and all of the other great stuff they do.

Another reason is because they had a pretty decent bargain going when I looked the other day.  Each game (on Steam, so they’re the PC versions, I don’t know about the console versions of each game) were $7.99 a piece, or $11.99 if you bought them together.  So that saved you about four dollars.

But, apparently to press the issue that the third (and I believe final) game in the series is soon coming out, they’ve discounted it even more.  Each game is now $2.00 and the bundle deal is $3.00 for both games.  That’s about an 81% discount.

So I’ve purchased both of the first two games, and it’s just a matter of trying to find enough time to play them.


BTW, anytime I get a tooth extracted I treat my fiancé and I to a trip to the nearby Half-Price Books.  Expect book reviews in the coming weeks, yay!


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  1. Crysis 3
    Jul 06, 2012 @ 20:32:15

    you forgot to say how hard this game is to play, how that some levels are “impossible” to finish unless you have cheat codes, but graphics are nice and when you start to use to the gameplay it’s pretty addicting, with a great story, like a horror movie style of story.


    • Dickjutsu
      Jul 07, 2012 @ 03:19:21

      I didn’t have to use any cheat codes to beat the game. The game does have some tough moments, I won’t lie…especially when the low-tier bosses become regular attacking characters, like in the graveyard. They’re super-fast and usually come with a group of projectile-throwing bastards. The best way to kill them is to hole up in a corner and let them pile into a line…you can hit them all with the light and pick them off with the shotgun or concentrated pistol fire.
      Although I will admit, even on the easiest setting the extra chapters were kind of a bitch at times. Especially when you have to do the platform-jumping in the whirlwind, since the game was not designed as a platformer, at all. =/
      The most important lesson to beating the game is to know that…a lot of times you don’t have to even fight. Run like hell and button-mash the dodge/run button any time you hear a sound near you; and kill the guys with scythes first, because they get multiple hits on you with each attack. =)


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