Anderson Cooper Is…Fabulous! (Photopost)

In honor of Anderson Cooper coming out, which I’m sure wasn’t as big of a surprise as this article makes it out to be, I’ve created some meme-style photos of the Silver Fox.

I might make up some more of these, they’re kind of in the style of the Condescending Wonka meme, but with Anderson Cooper, instead.

A Silver Fox!

Here’s my original that I use to make them, in case anyone would like to share their own attempts with us.

And finally, going along with Anderson’s infamous giggles…

Yes…go on…

And this just goes to show that Kate Gosselin would have been very embarrassed if Anderson Cooper had taken up her challenge to compete on Dancing With the Stars.


BTW, I hope you all enjoy your Independance Day celebrations.  July 5th’s my favorite holiday…because I get to read the police blotters about all the July 4th accidents and maimings.

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