Shorty Shorts! #1

Here’s a new idea…I’m going to call it Shorty Shorts, because I’m not very original or funny, to be honest.

So here’s a picture about undercooked bacon!

Instead of my long, angsty, and often-depressing rants; it’s just a short little jaunt into my mind.

To the friendly biker trying to talk to me about the closed exit tonight while we were parked at the red light: I apologize for not holding down my half of the conversation.  You see, I have an abscessed tooth and I was swishing a mouth full of mouthwash when you started talking to me.  I didn’t want to spit it out at you and the light was almost green before I decided to open my door a smidgen and spit it out there.  By the time I looked up, I managed to say about two words to you and the light turned green.

I didn’t intend to offend you or be rude, you seemed like a nice person, but I was in jaw-shattering pain trying to relieve the agony for a few moments.

Hope you made it home safe.



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