Shorty Shorts! #2

So in the last Shorty Short I talked about nursing my abscessed tooth on the ride home with mouthwash.  Doing that every 4-8 hours had been enough to keep me okay, with a touch of anbesol (generic orajel for those who don’t know) for moments when I couldn’t get to my flask of mouthwash.  And yes, I carry an 8-ounce steel flask of mouthwash in my vehicle.  And yes, I’ve actually been pulled over with it in the vehicle (broken tail light, I’ll tell that story later).

Well, last night while I was at work the tooth in question took a turn for the worse.  I had recently been forced to get a busted tooth extracted and when it got pulled it activated all my wisdom teeth.  When the wisdom tooth behind this one on the other side started pushing…it caused some pain.  I had planned on getting it pulled and trying to repair a chip on the one in front of it.  But now they were both hurting…really bad.  Last night I had formed an open lesion on the gums just above the last tooth; it spread to the tooth in front of it and I was in relative agony.

I found that orajel made it worse (which made sense when I got home to look at the tooth and found the open lesion, orajel just burns in an open wound).  The only way I could make it stop hurting was cold liquid (wich is strange, because those tooth are highly cold sensitive).  So I had to keep drinking ice-cold water to keep the pain bearable, but as soon as I would swig some into my mouth it would start to warm up.  When it got to be about the same temperature as my mouth, it wouldn’t work.

In 8 hours at work, I drank 11 bottles of water, then drank another two after I got home.  I had an appointment for Monday afternoon to get the troublesome tooth extracted and within the next few weeks I was hoping to get the one in front of it fixed up by my dentist.  It was not to be, however.  With the lesion I called as soon as my oral surgeon opened up and they finaggled me an appointment at 1:00 this past afternoon.

I’ve worked for my current employer for over 4 years and in that time I have only called off due to my own health once, and that was when I got a serious case of Strep Throat and my throat swelled shut and I blacked out.  Well…I called off today; that’s how bad the pain was.

I went in and they got an X-Ray, checked it out and said both teeth were shot.  It was my choice, they could take one or the other, or both.  I opted for both; neither one was worth saving so why not get it all done while I’m in the chair, right?

In the end we went through one bottle of nitrous oxide, 2 teeth, 3 syringes of Novocaine, and 4 stitches.  Now I’ve got some percocet sitting beside me and some antibiotics.

In the end, though, I’m feeling much better.


Update: In case you want to see it…yuck!



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  1. Tommie Janos
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 09:03:29

    I really hate strep throat because it gives me a very scratchy and painfull throat. good thing to have some lidocaine to take away the pain. ::`,`

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