Anti-Muslim High Schools in America

I was thinking just the other day, about the lessons learned in my High School days.  And I realized…American schools are incredibly anti-Islamic; also incredibly subtle.  I come from a relatively conservative religious community, my school was 100% white (my entire High School had one black kid in it, no Asians, and the handful of Jews that tried to blend in).  So we learned a very Euro-Christian history.  But my fiancé comes from a more racially varied school system with blacks, Asians, and even an African exchange student.  The only exchange student my school had was Swedish…a Catholic Nord.

Both schools still incredibly anti-Islamic.

For instance let’s look at the Crusades.  In World History we studied the Crusades over the course of one week.  Yes, all nine of them in a week.  The main things we touched on were that the Muslims were attacking the Byzantine Empire and they asked for help from the western European countries.

So the Crusaders marched southeast and fought against the Muslims to recapture the Holy Land of Jerusalem and the surrounding regions of Edessa, Tripoli, and Antioch.

We also talked to some length about the 3rd Crusade where the Muslims captured Jerusalem and the Kings of England, France, and Germany heroically marched out to retake it.

We skipped over the fact that during the first Crusade the Western European crusaders massacred entire cities of civilians and cannibalized their dead comrades.

Standard crusader attire, I’m sure.

We also skipped over the fact that the third crusade was fraught with infighting and politicking and resulted in little more than capturing the city of Tyre and the port of Jaffa.

We kind of also ignored the crusades against the other Christians such as the Fourth Crusade where the Western Catholics sacked the Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire (who had called for the first crusade and later allied with the Muslims during the third crusade) and the Teutonic Crusades against the Northern Orthodox countries of Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, etc.

Then I also remembered that my fiancé spent three weeks reading the Song of Roland; an epic poem that was basically written as Anti-Muslim/Pro-French propaganda in the 12th century.  Song of Roland is a horribly inaccurate and anachronistic story about the glory of Sir Roland, an earnest and gallant knight of the French king, Charlemagne fighting against the Muslim Saracens invading from Africa and moving up through the Moorish regions north toward France.

Here’s the biggest problem, aside from the fact that Roland is a complete idiot and a horrible military commander: Charlemagne didn’t fight against the Muslims, he fought against the Basque people.  As a matter of fact, Charlemagne lived only a century after the faith of Islam was founded by Mohammed.

I can see where you might confuse Basque with Arab…they look so alike.

The Basque, possibly of Celtic origins, were a native people pushed out of Europe by the Indo-European peoples.  The writer also has no idea what the Muslims are, claiming they are pagans who pray to Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun, when in truth Islam is one of the three Abrahamic religions, along with Judaism and Christianity.

The story ends with Charlemagne narrowly defeating the Emir of Babylon in a duel, only thanks to divine intervention, and besieging and capturing the ‘Saracen’ capital city of Saragossa.  The heroic and noble French then burn down all the Jewish and Muslim temples and mosques, destroy any non-Christian religious items, and force the entire city to convert to Catholicism under threat of massacre.  With one exception; the Saracen Queen Bramimonde, whom Charlemagne decides he will take as a concubine and make her convert through love.  In other words…he plans to rape the Christ into her.

After nearly forgiving the traitor who caused all of the strife in the story, a nerdy knight is pitted against a behemoth warrior to decide the traitor’s fate and, again with divine intervention, the nerdy bastard wins a duel.  The traitor and 30 of his closest family members are executed, the traitor himself in a rather gruesome way.

Good Christian forgiveness.


BTW, the story is also possibly the oldest written story involving successful use of the Stockholm Syndrome because the story ends with Bramimonde converting to Christianity in Charlemagne’s presence.  Remember…if you can’t win them over, lock them away and rape them; it’s the French way!


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  1. Theother Sideofthecoin
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 18:36:22

    I think it would be awesome if you wrote a similar review of the anti-Christian crusade in Turkey during World War I. I think you’d get a kick out of reading about how the Turkish Muslims conducted systematic rapes, death marches, and genocide.


    • Dickjutsu
      Mar 27, 2013 @ 03:59:34

      Are you referring to the Genocide of Armenians? That really didn’t have anything to do with religion, it was Ethnic. The Turks were upset that the Armenians sided with the Russians during the war and decided to punish them. It had rather little to do with who was what religion, as I’ve understood it.
      Not that it was an acceptable thing to do, of course, but to be fair it was not innately religious. If you’re going to call the Armenian Genocide a religious issue then you would have to refer to the Holocaust as an “Anti-Judaic crusade made by Catholic Germany” and that the internment of Japanese in America during World War II would have to be an “Anti-Buddhist imprisonment by Christan America.”
      Or am I lacking in a reference to a different event?


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