PO’d at the Carnegie PO

In May I mailed my June rent check to my landlord.  He lives about 5 minutes away (and if I had time I’d just walk to his house and tape it to his door) so it usually takes about 2 days for him to receive it.

Two weeks later he called me and said it never showed up.  I sent him a second rent check and he got that one; he told me he’d just cash the first one and call us even for July.

Now, August 4th, I get a letter in the mail…what’s left of my June rent check and its surrounding envelope.  It looks like it has been doused in water, probably a few times.  The envelope has brown spots all over it, it’s folded up and all the ink has run.  My address label has almost come off and my stamp is nowhere to be found.  They returned it because of lack of postage.

Here’s the video of the ‘unboxing’ of my envelope:


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