Movie Trailers

I’ve been seeing a few movie trailers on Youtube lately, mostly as ads while I wait for whatever I’m actually trying to see.  A few of them made an impression on me.

Hit and Run

Starring: Dax Shepard, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell, and Tom Arnold

This trailer starts off kind of cute then turns into what looks like a raunchy crime comedy.  Complete with Prison Rape Jokes, which I’ve mentioned liking before, so I’d say that Daniel Tosh should definitely like this movie.

And I don’t care what people say, I find Tom Arnold funny; especially as a Witness Protection Agent.  It was written by Dax Shepard (the star, also of Let’s Go To Prison fame), so that might be interesting to see.


Hotel Transylvania

Starring (voices): Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, and Kevin James

This is an animated piece that looks akin to Despicable Me style.  It’s being directed by Genndy Tartakovsky of Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and Powerpuff Girls fame.  It’s got an all-star cast with the likes of Cee-Lo Green, Adam Samberg, Fran Drescher, Molly Shannon, and Jon Lovitz for the supporting cast.  Selena Gomez plays a teen-age vampires named Mavis and her father, Dracula, is played by Adam Sandler.  It’s an animated feature and the trailer is basically Mavis singing a rewritten version of Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe.  Looks cute, might have merit; I like when Dracula hands the invisible man (played by David Spade) a piece of bacon and then the invisible man gets mauled by a bunch of baby werewolves.


Total Recall

Starring: Arno—err, Colin Farrell, Jessica Biel, and Kate Beckinsale.

Really?  I wasn’t impressed that were remaking this film, but the trailer is probably the most underwhelming movie preview I’ve sever seen in my life.  It looks like they took the main plot from the original Total Recall, put it in the world of The Fifth Element, took out the character emotion and the shock-inducing interesting parts like a three-breasted woman and then shit on it.

When it comes out, I think I might watch the original movie just out of spite.


Here Comes the Boom

Starring: Kevin James, Salma Hayek

A story about a High School teacher at a school that decides to cut all extra-curricular activities due to funding difficulties.  Kevin James (King of Queens and Paul Blart: Mall Cop) plays said teacher who decides that he will join the UFC to win the money for the school.  Kevin James beefs up for the role, it looks, and the previews show him getting his ass kicked a lot.  So even if you don’t like Kevin James’ comedy stylings, you could watch it (maybe backwards) and just watch him get his ass handed to him repeatedly.

I’m a big MMA fan so I like the idea; it’s a pretty interesting spin on the old teacher does something off-putting to raise money for the school/students that he/she loves so much.  I also like to see Bas Rutten sitting around with a beer watching the UFC like a normal guy; I’m not sure why.


I’m looking forward to a few of them (clearly not the Total Recall remake), and I think that Hotel Transylvania movie looks kind of cute.  And I’m not just saying that because I’m writing a story wherein a female vampire and a male human fall in love, myself.


Wow, two flicks with Kevin James?


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