Just thought I would give everyone a head’s up that today was my birthday.
Last night my fiance and I had a little party with a few of her friends from work; although the party was wholly unrelated. We actually just scheduled the party last weekend for ‘next Tuesday’.
The party had been going on for a few hours before I realized it was my birthday.

Birthdays change a lot between childhood and adulthood. As a child I’d receive numerous gifts and as I got older they got better.
This year my futute grandmother-in-law sent me $10 which made my fiance realize that she’d almost forgotten it was my birthday. That’s all I’ve got; although my mother uaually gives me an gift card in December for my birthday, then another on February for christmas, so that’ll add to it.
But here’s the biggest difference: I don’t care. When I was a child I used to count halves of ages and almosts, gonna bes, and going ons.
“I’m 3 and a half years old!”
“I’m almost 4 years old, now.”
“I’m 5, but I’m gonna be 6 in 8 months!”
Now somebody asks me how old I am and I don’t even know the answer anymore.
“So how old are ya now, you fine, strapping young buck,” no one ever says to me.
“Well…I can drive, so I’m over 16, I can vote so I’ve gotta be over 18. They let me buy booze and own a handgun (which is a bad combination) so I have to be over 21. But I can’t collect Social Security…so I’m not 65, yet.”
The average of 21 and 65 is 43, so now I think I’ll just start telling people I’m 43.


It’s all good until they stop saying, “You look good for your age,” I guess.

Update: Well my phone’s a piece of shit…I posted this from my phone yesterday night (my actual birhday) from work and the phone told me it uploaded it.  Until I actually came home and looked and it was n unfinished draft.  I had to rewrite it and republish it.  Don’t buy the Huawei Ascend, folks…it does this kind of stuff to me constantly.  Huawei = Chinese for Junk.

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