Terry Crews Old Spice Interactive Video

Has anyone else seen the Terry Crews video for Old Spice where he’s hooked up to a bunch of electrodes and uses his muscle contractions to control a bunch of instruments?

You haven’t?  Well you’re about to!  After he plays his instruments you can press the different keys on the keyboard to control his actions.  You can even hit the space bar to activate a recording feature to record your ensuing craziness.

Have some fun and if you really want to get interactive, leave a comment with your stuff or a link to it.

For those who don’t know who Terry Crews if…he used to play football, NFL-style.  Then he got way cooler and became an actor.  He’s been in White Chicks, The Expendables (and he’s in the sequel as well), and the Get Smart remake with Steve Carrell (which I personally actually enjoyed).


Here’s just something to show some of the sillier things you can do with the keyboard inputs…


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