Rape Jokes…Again? WTH is Wrong With Me?

Harkening back to my earlier talk about rape jokes, I came across this video on YouTube the other day.  I can’t stop watching it.  It’s a good rape joke, too, because the victim gives the rapist their comeuppance at the end!

Kind of like the joke about the rapist who breaks into a woman’s home and attacks her in her bed.  He strips her out of her nightgown as she pleads for him to stop.  He whips out his dick, jams it in her and pounds her viciously.  After a few moments he becomes aware that she’s no longer crying, but rather she has started to chuckle.  The harder he pounds her, the more she laughs.  Finally as he about to reach orgasm he stops and holds his knife to her throat, menacingly, “Why are you laughing?” She purses her lips and chuckles, “I told you to stop and you just stuck your dick in me…no condom, nothing.” “Yeah!  So what’s so funny?”  “I’m on my period…and I have Hepatitis.”

Needless to say here’s the video made by the artist GonzoSSM…

In case you’re totally lost…here’s the wikipedia page on Minecraft to explain some of that stuff to you.


I didn’t mean no harm!!

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