Photopost: Kitties…Of All Kinds

Today’s photopost involves cats of every shape, size, and determination.  There are so many models of kittehs noawadays!

First of all, a kitty who wants some attention…

Pet me, pet me, pet me! At least look at me!!

And now they even come in palm-size models.

I’m the new iKitty 4.

This one comes with a handy stand for easy display.

This is my thinking pose.

This one’s getting a little ‘cat nap’ after a hard day’s work of wreaking hell.

Yous can puneesh me whens I wakes up…ZZzzz

I’ll name this one Oliver Kitty; I’ll call him Twisty for short.

Please sir…may I have some more?

They even have flying models!

Come in Tower, this is KI-77 coming in for a landing.

This one will tie your shoes for you.

Let’s see now…over, then under, then…how I do it, again?

And finally…we even have a teenage-girl model of kitty.  Comes complete with camera phone!

Am I doin’ the duckface, right?



He was surprised by his own cutness!


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