August Dick(s) of the Month: Guys Who Robbed Patricia Slaughter

When thinking of Dicks of the Month, I look to people who go above and beyond…or rather, below and beyond the expectation of civility.  The guy who shoots up a theater doesn’t win Dick of the Month (although Psychopath of the Month would be a good award for him) but the victim who abandoned his injured wife and two young children at the theater does.

You know another good way to get on the Dick of Month lists?  Try robbing a 65-year-old disabled woman who was on her way to church to pick up some donated bread.  Stealing her last $50, which was supposed to tide her over until the following month, her ring, her ID, and her watch.

Oh they took one other thing…her motorized wheelchair.  The only way the two-time heart attack survivor, with diabetes and osteoporosis, can get around.  She uses her motorized wheelchair to get to church, go to the store, to go anywhere.

A woman who, by the sounds of the report, lives off her social security checks, needs a motorized wheelchair to get around, and only had $50 to live one; on her way to the local rectory from some donated bread.  That was these guys’ target.

They drove up to her in a truck around 7:30 in the evening and offered her some cash to come home with them.  Aside from the perverse nature of their likely intention, Ms. Patricia Slaughter, the aforementioned and self-described old lady, politely refused their offer.

At that point they leapt into action and one of the men jumped out of the truck, tugged her from the wheelchair, stepped on her chest and told her not to get up, stuffed the wheelchair in the back of the truck, robbed her, and then drove off.

I’d like to say there’s some good news in that the guys got arrested…but unfortunately they’re still at large.

The one bit of good news though, is that Ms. Slaughter got a new wheelchair donated to her.  Hopefully they’ll catch the bastards who robbed the poor old lady.

Is bastard too strong of a word for them?  Then how about…this?

August Dicks of the Month!


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