I Am Now Linked In!

That’s right, I’ve finally gotten a LinkedIn profile.

Not a big deal, I suppose, but I did it because I’m going to try to get a writing job with Telltale Games, the makers of the hit Walking Dead series of PC games.  Which I have recently purchased, mind you; from Steam.  It’s not a bad deal…5 episodes for $25.  The first three episodes are up and the last two will be released in the next few months.  That’s equivalent to $5 per episode and each episode is about 2-5 hours long.

That’s way better than Gears of War 2 which was $60 and lasted about 9 hours; maybe 16 if you include the multi-player I put into it.

Although still not quite the deal that Mount&Blade was for me.  $6 for…I dunno, 600+ hours of gameplay?  That’s like a penny an hour for gameplay!  Awesome.


Still waiting on M&B 2, though…and you’ll know when it comes out because this site will go down for about a month.  Fair warning.

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