Photopost: Zombies!! Ahh!

My fiance’s birthday was in September and she’s wanted the game Plants vs. Zombies for about two years, since she played the demo.  But she wasn’t willing to pay the $20 for it; so I found it on Steam for closer to ten bucks.

$1,000 ring? F-that, she wants a $10 game!

And on my end I’ve just recently purchased Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series of episodic games, based off the graphic novel and TV series.  It’s good, I like it.  But this isn’t a game review, no it’s a….ZOMBIE PHOTOPOST!!

I think I could take out my entire hometown with that stockpile if they turned undead.

This next one always makes me think of the old George Carlin joke, “Did you know we have flame throwers?  Well we don’t, the army does.  Hey, that’s right.  We don’t have flame throwers, but the army does.”  Remember that when thinking you’re .30-06 bolt-action rifle gives you any semblence of protection against a tyranical government’s military prowess Mr. 2nd Amendment.

Good to know the Army’s prepared.

On that note…

Baker? More like a Lumberjack!

So the army is well prepared for the Zombie Apocolypse?  Good!  Right…?

Umm…so what if the army turns?

Well, what do we have to match the army?

Oh God; we’re fucked.

Anything else?

That’s a little better.

That’s A LOT better!

Who are we trapped in a bunker with?

You! Guard the door, she and I will be back in like…20 min-err, try to hold out on your own for like 2 hours, okay?

What could posibly go wrong?

That’s nothing, I’m not afraid.

What else you got?

What the fu–no wait, we’re okay. He’s easy to see and I don’t mind murdering clowns anyway. Uhh, not the courts have proven anything, of course!  <*o*>

Anything really scary?

Yup, we’re fucked.

Okay, so we stay out of the woods and hang around a farm for easy access to food.  What could go wrong?

Oh God damn it!!

What else could possibly go wrong with this situation?

So what? Let her get eaten, who cares?

What else you got, you ain’t scarin’ me?

Psh!  Zombie squirrels aren’t real; that’s just ridicu–

OH JESUS! They’re not just a myth!

That’s okay, that’s okay…I’m still ready.

No matter when; no matter what.


How ready are you?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ElfxNinja
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 01:51:11

    God damn it. Picture number three is of a marine, not a soilder.


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