Electoral College…You’re Fired! Pt. 2

So, last time I spoke about the Electoral College.  Today I’ll say how I think it should work.

I think each state should have equal footing.  We don’t adjust a state’s importance based on how many people live in it…we don’t have 50 differently sized stars on the flag, we are a union of 50 states all of equal rank and stature.  Except in the House of Representatives (which should be gotten rid of) and the Electoral College (also needs rid of).

California has 55 votes, Texas has 38, and Alaska has 3.  Bullshit, they’re all states, they’re all equally liable to be given federal funds, and they all deserve equal representation.  We don’t have 310 million stars on the flag; we have 50.

The government should work like this…


The federal government decides the fate of the nation as a whole, all 50 states.  Each state decides the fate of it’s respective counties, however many.  Each county decides the fates of its assorted boroughs and cities.  And each borough or city determines the fates of its respective households, i.e. the people themselves.

Counties shouldn’t decide the presidential election and the federal government shouldn’t decide your local property taxes.

So here is how I think the Electoral College should work.  Each state has 10 electoral votes, regardless of size, population, or anything else.  You need to win 256 electoral votes to win the elections.  Why 256?  Because that’s 50+% of the 510 possible votes.

510?!  Yes…Washington DC currently has 3 electoral votes, so it will be raised to 10 like all the other states.  D.C. doesn’t count as its own state, but it does have sway in the election specifically because it does not answer to any specific state.

Why 10 votes?  Because the electoral votes will be based on the popular vote, we’ll get rid of electors entirely.  Now you will get 1 vote for each 10% of the popular vote you get in a state.  So if you only get 17% of the popular vote, instead of winning the presidency…you’ll only have 86 electoral votes.  If you have 78% of the popular vote you will win the presidency with 397 electoral votes.

Much better, right?


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