Mortal Politiks! Friendship?

Anyone remember the old game Mortal Kobmat II?  Of course you do.  You were probably doing one of three things:

1. Buying it for your kid without knowing what the game was about.

2. Playing it.

3. Protesting against it’s unmitigated violence.

Either way, you probably know about the Mortal Kombat series of games someway or the other.  But in Mortal Kombat II, particularly, there was a feature called Friendship.  Instead of performing a Fatality you could, instead, perform a Friendship.  The following video shows the different Friendships from the starting point (@ 7:12 into the video), but if you put it back to the beginning you can watch all the fatalities, too.

So as you can see, even with brutal fist fighting between sworn enemies you can find friendliness.  So why not in political races?  Here’s a nice video where South Dakota Republican, and incumbent, Kristi Noem created a political ad which pretty much makes the following points:

Her Opponent is well educated, has a long history of international business and political activity, and throws one hell of a party.

She is…a poorly educated home-maker who’s never been out of the state, and hates corn dogs.

Just watch the video for yourself…

Now, really that’s not a bad comparison for a die-hard Republican.  It says this: Matt Varilek went to a lot of colleges (liberal brainwashing facilities), wants to strengthen the EPA and regulate fossil fuel usage and acquisition (probably the #1 industry in South Dakota), and is just a hard-partying wealthy career politician.  While Kristi Noem is a family-oriented middle-income job maker.

Perfect for the lower and middle income Republicans who would already be voting for Noem.  But what about the Independants that they’d need to sway to win the election?  Well to them it probably sounds like this:

Matt Varilek is a highly educated, worldly, efficient and well-respected man in the international, business, and political fields.  Kristi Noem is an inexperienced woman who never got over being Homecoming Queen.

Not exactly a spot-on last minute political ad, I don’t think.



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