September Dick of the Month: Shidea Lane

For those of you have ever had to ride public transportation, particularly a bus, you might be not be surprised that there are foul, rude, or otherwise undesirable who ride the buses alongside you.  And if you’ve never ridden on a bus and only drive, then imagine the assholes you drive alongside and just imagine you don’t have a couple of feet of steel and fiberglass between you; just you and them, sitting side-by-side on a bus.

Now imagine you have to drive that bus.  Your job is to ensure the safety of your passengers, keep the route on schedule, not crash the million-dollar bus, and make sure that all passengers pay the fare.

Not all bus drivers are up to the task…

Think it’s too late for me to get MegaBus as a sponsor?

But Mr. Artis Hughes, a 22-year veteran of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, is no such slouch.  When confronted by a woman who refused to pay the bus fare, he told her to get off the bus.  She refused and threatened him with physical violence.  He offered to call his daughter and grand-daughter to deal with the woman in his stead, like a true gentleman.

Somewhere around this time…is where the woman, 25-year-old Shidea Lane, lunges forward and makes good on her threats to attack the aged Mr. Hughes.

This is where shit gets good, for those of you who weren’t already on the edge of your seats.

Mr. Hughes, who was still driving the bus when assaulted, calmly stops the bus, stands up, and informs the young lady, “Ya’ll going to jail, now…”

You see it is a crime to assault a Transit Authority bus driver while he is driving a bus.  I like this law, it is one of the few that makes real sense.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hughes, he’s also no slouch on the whole protecting his passengers thing.  He dropped his shoulder and leveled a good, solid, upper-fucking-cut to the uber-fucking-cunt.  Ms. Lane recovered herself just enough to attempt to tackle Mr. Hughes, but to no avail as he threw her off the bus.

Here’s a video from the back of the bus…it starts getting good around the 2:30 mark.

When someone came to her defense with the valiant, noble call, “She’s just a female!”

Mr. Hughes retorted some philosophical jargon about women’s rights, “She want to be a man?  I’m gonna treat you like a man!”

Mr. Hughes decided not to press charges against the young lady.  She may have, as the police report states, grabbed him by his throat, spit in his face, and hit him with her fists…but I’d hearken to say that Mr. Hughes was the better fighter over all.

Ms. Lane then attempted to play victim by saying she was astounded by the violence and that it felt like she was in the game Mortal Kombat.  Which I’ve recently spoken about, as well.

The incident itself, happen on September 18, although the video didn’t really go viral until closer to October 11, which is when the Cleveland Transit Authority saw it, identified Mr. Hughes, and decided to put him on unpaid suspension during their investigation and most likely either will be, or has already been fired.

A 22-year veteran who was assaulted for doing his job by some prissy little bitch who didn’t want to pay her bus fare (she, BTW, claimed to Mr. Hughes she forgot her backpack and had no money, but later paid the bus fare before assaulting him) and he gets fired.  I’ll bet the Cleveland RTA even gave her a free bus pass or some shit, to “Keep a happy customer.”

So for being an uber-bitch and getting a good man fired from his job, not to mention feeding into negative Black stereotypes, Shidea Lane…you are the September Dick of the Month!


Am I the only one who finds it ironic a woman named Shidea has a Shitty personality?


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