Stupidity Is Not ‘Subtle’

I saw a picture on Facebook yesterday when I got home from work that said, “Whoever put the letter ‘B’ in ‘Subtle’ deserves a Pat on the Back.”

There were the usual responses to anything about English spelling, such as spelling ‘Lisp’ with an ‘s’, spelling ‘stutter’ with a trio of ‘t’ to do just that on, and of course the debate of whoever/whomever.  Not to mention the Brits and Aussies coming and reminded us that we continually forget the loose ‘u’ in colour, labour, armour, and half the words that end in ‘r’.

But then in the middle of all that was this comment:

“that would be God.”

That is verbatim how it was spelled.  Since she didn’t capitalize the ‘t’ in ‘That’ it would imply that ‘God’ is what she intended to spell and she didn’t just misspell ‘good’.

This woman apparently believes that God invented the English language.  This is why voting should require passing a test.

And I’m not sure who would give or design the test, because some time before that a woman said that she got a teaching job by proving that the letter B has no sound of its own.  It only sounds like a ‘b’ when a vowel follows it, like Bus, Bee, Bat, Boat, and Bow.  Until someone pointed out a few of the following..

Submarine, Subtitle, Subwoofer, Black, Brag, or Breakfast.

Even if you assume she meant that a b only has a sound when followed by a vowel…at any point, we still have these words which prove she’s an idiot and whoever hired her is an even bigger idiot:

Stub, Bub, Bob, Fob, Stab, and Crab.

Those don’t have any vowels following them, but they still like a ‘b’.


Also one of the funnier and less tragic comments…

If you took the gh in enough, the o in women, and the ti from motion then the word Ghoti would be pronounced Fish.


That’s pronounced Are-See-Ess, not Dee-Ka-Ssay, by the way.


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