Assassin’s Creed III: Addendum!

Oh yeah…I almost forgot to mention the new economy system in Assassin’s Creed III.

It sucks.  It is, literally, forgettable; clearly.

Instead of buying property which produce rent income, or such, like you did in Ezio’s day now you instead can hunt and skin animals to sell the meat, fangs, claws, and pelts.  But more importantly you can send trade caravans around the new world to make money.

Unfortunately the trade convoys have a horrible chance of success (at 85% chance of success, I failed 5/6 convoys) and the money you do make is about $200 in twenty to forty minutes.  I can make $5,000 in forty minutes roaming about the frontier with a bow and arrows and a knife.

Hence the forgetability of the feature, because it’s totally useless and I stopped using it by the first quarter of the game.

Not to mention the entire point of the naval section of the game is to make sea trade routs safer.  Except that you can’t get naval convoys to use the sea trade routes until the last third of the game.  By that point in time I had all four trade routes cleared to 95% safe and still lost one of the two naval convoys I sent out.  The other sat in my inventory until it went derelict, basically.

The whole economy system was also not very user-friendly.  Menus upon menus upon menus…and every time you wanted to change something…back to the beginning of the list with each menu.  The whole thing sucks beyond repair.

Besides, The starting weapons are better than most of the weapons in the game, anyway, so you don’t actually need money except for Ship Upgrades (by the end of the first half of the game you’re pretty much done with the ship, by the way…the hardest missions are actually already over, to be honest) and maybe one or two weapons and all the maps.  I bought a knife that became available shortly before the half-way point and a sword to go along with it…I didn’t buy another weapon the entire time I played.  That knife lasted me until I crafted a new one in the last two hours of the game and that crafted knife was only better than the one I’d had almost all game in one of the three attributes each weapon had.

Although I do kind of want to get the double-barreled pistol, merge that with my twin holster, and be able to fire four rounds in quick succession.



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