Shorty Shorts #5

On the local Bob FM station here I recently heard an ad for the station; one of their usual, “Bob plays everything” kind of ads.  But it started off with an unusual lead-in: The Final Fantasy VII victory theme.

I was so amazed they’d use it I didn’t even pay attention to the rest of the ad, to be honest.  But I thought it was nifty of them to use the FF7 victory theme in an ad for a radio station that centers on playing the ‘best from the 80s, 90s, two-thousands, and today!’ or whatever the hell they advertise; like I said, I missed the ad itself.

I wish there was a Video Game Music radio station.  Could you imagine that?  Snap the radio to WVGM at 99.9 FM (that’s a Final Fantasy 8 joke, by the way) and hear the Sonic the Hedgehog Boss Battle theme, followed by the Final Fantasy 7 battle theme, followed by Castelvania’s Bloody Tears, then a little ad or two, and then boom open up from the break with Chrono Trigger’s Main Theme (Corridors of Time), Mega Man 2‘s Wily Stage #1, Wild Arms’ Into the Wilderness, and before another ad we even squeeze in Tristram’s theme from the original Diablo.

There could even be special radio shows on it, just like any other radio station.  I know one of the stations on my radio dial has the, “Acoustic Hour” on from 7 to 9 Sunday morning (which is more than an hour, actually).  I know this because I used to work around that time on Sunday mornings and it was the bright point of my morning.

We could have the 8-Bit hour, the Lyrics hour, the Boss hour, the RPG hour, and the Orchestra hour.

-8-Bit Hour: Tunes from the NES era for an hour; Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Ducktales, etc.

-Lyrics Hour: All game songs with lyrics, you could start it off with a Still Alive feature (first Portal‘s version then Mirror’s Edge‘s version).

-Boss Hour: All Boss themes; Dr. Robotnik, M. Bison, the Contra Hard Corps boss theme and of course Metal Gear Solid 3‘s theme for The Boss.

-RPG Hour: All songs from RPGs (which often have the biggest music budgets), Eyes on Me, Jecht’s Battle, One-Winged Angel, Star Ocean 2‘s Kamikaze theme, down to Lufia II‘s second battle theme.

-Orchestra Hour: It would be all Orchestra remakes of songs from numerous games.  Orchestra versions of Phoenix Wright’s Tonosaman theme, Metal Gear Solid‘s theme, maybe even orchestral remakes of older games like Bloody Tears and Mega Man 3’s title theme.

I’d listen to the station constantly, I’ll tell you that.



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