Stupid Stories

I was heating up some leftovers today when I thought about the mother of a friend of mine in High School.
She tossed a microwave in the dumpster one day, because it quit working.
What stopped working, you might be curious about?
The light burned out and she couldn’t find the right size to replace it, so she just thre it out in the trash.
When asked why she didn’t just run it without the light her reply was, “Well, then it wouldn’t cook anything.”
Give yourself a moment to recognize that she had two children. We let that brilliance reproduce. She is also a grandmother now, which means we are now into a third generation of stupid.
Apparently she always thought microwaves were just giant easy-bake ovens.

So, anybody else want to share a good story of stupidity in the comments?
By the way, I wrote this on my phone’s wordpress app. So forgive the low quality of wordplay.


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