Movie 43 Review

We’ll take a break from the movie reviews to talk a bit about Chinese New Year.  In the Chinese Calendar it has become the Year of the Snake.

I think she likes it.

I think she likes it.

Thank you, this has been a conversation about the Chinese New Year.  Now back to your regularly scheduled movie review…


Our next contestant on the Dickjutsu movie reviews is…Movie 43!  This is basically a clipshow of magnum proportions.  It stars…half of Hollywood.  There’s Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Elizabeth Banks, Greg Kinnear, Chloe Moretz-Grace, Emma Stone, Jason Mintz-Plasse, Terrence Howard…and a helluva lot of other folks.

The movie is broken into 12 different clips, with one of the clips broken into parts.  After the credits is a 13th clip, and it is all held together by a storyline of a very desperate man (played by one of the Quaid brothers who looks very old in this film) pitching a series of ideas to Greg Kinnear’s character.

Although I am told in the British version the whole thing about the movie pitch is removed and is replaced by a bunch of teenagers trying to find the ‘most banned film’ in the world using the internet philosophy of ‘Rule 43’.  Rule 43 states, “You can find anything on the internet, if you are willing to look hard enough to find it.”  And this idea is where the movie gets it’s name; which makes the title kind of pointless in America, since it is never actually referenced in the American version.

Anyway, a few of the clips are pretty good and a few of them are kind of flat.  It’s kind of like sitting around watching a bunch of clips on Youtube, really.  Some of them are pretty decent, some of them are kind of strange, but all of them are just a fun way to waste some time.

I wouldn’t advise wasting your money to see it in the theater, like we did, but instead you should just check it out when it comes out on DVD or something.

But when it does come out on DVD I would suggest watching it.  You can walk away with a few good laughs.  Although I must admit the best part of the movie is the first set of credits (the credits roll twice) and showing some of the bloopers/cut parts in quick sequence.

All in all the movie was better than I was expecting; of course I had very low hopes for the movie when I went into it, so that doesn’t say a whole lot.  Watch if you get a chance, and if you don’t…you haven’t missed a lot, but you have missed a few good jokes.  Not enough to warrant the length of the movie, mind you, but enough to at least keep you interested for a bit.


“His perfect hair?  Let’s just say it’s not gel in there.”


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