Bullet to the Head Review

Next up on our movie list is the Sylvester Stallone movie based on Alexis Nolent’s graphic novel Du Plomb Dans La Tete, which apparently is French for Bullet to the Head.  Stallone plays a veteran hitman who goes on a quest for vengeance.


With Stallone playing the straight man, we have Sung Kang as a Washington D.C. Police special investigator, investigating the death of a corrupt former police officer…the guy who Stallone and his partner assassinate in the open sequence.

Considering Kang’s role was supposed to be done by Thomas Jane, I actually have to say that I like the switch-up.  Kang plays a very heavy-handed and overly dramatic ‘good guy’ cop out for nothing short of moral justice for some of the film; but his dialogue with Stallone is great.  I love the scenes where he’s defending his smart phone against Stallone’s old-school tactics of “beat up the guy who knows something until he tells you said thing that you want to know”.

The movie has some pretty decent fight scenes, too, considering I was pretty much expecting it to all be gunplay.  A couple of good fist fights and some knifing in there, too; then we cap it all off with a huge axe fighting scene.

By the way, Jason Momoa is really awesome with a fireaxe; you should know that.  Speaking of Jason Momoa, he plays the mercenary enforcer/assassin Keegan pretty well; makes him seem like a pretty interesting guy.  As he’s ruthlessly murdering the shit out of you, of course.

If you like men...this is reason enough to watch this movie.  Oh, Stallone goes shirtless a few times, too.

If you like men…this is reason enough to watch this movie. Oh, Stallone goes shirtless a few times, too.

All in all I wasn’t expecting much from this movie and I was pleasantly surprised by what it offered.  The storyline wasn’t exactly a gem, but some of the dialogue was pretty decent.  The fight scenes, particularly the last one, are gritty and good.  All in all in it’s a pretty decent action movie, as long as you’re not looking for a thought-provoking story.



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