Promotion Motion: Part Duex!

For those following the continuing advancement of my career, I’m sure you’ve already read about my recent promotion to Sergeant about two months ago.  Well, a bit of skullduggery and a dash of scandal later and I have another promotion: Lieutenant.

Without getting into too much detail my boss was doing things he shouldn’t have been doing and he happened to get caught on camera doing those things.  While I hate climbing the ladder of success on the backs of others, especially people whom I got along with pretty well…I can’t change his job situation and if I don’t take the job they’ll bring in somebody from another part of town to man our crew (because none of the other officers want the job, I’ll get to that in a moment).

Needless to say, today is the last day of my first week at Lieutenant…and it has been a rough week.  The big bosses took away a 40-hour a week worker and then told me to cover all my shifts without acquiring any overtime.  My one available part-time officer took two extra days this week and I just decided to convince her to come in full-time…but I still had 3 whole days to cover.  Plus one of the administrative positions was taking a day off, so I had to cover an extra 8 hours of work, too.

But lo and behold I was receiving a new part-time officer…who is only available two days.  Neither of those two days are the days I need covered for this week.  She is a single-mother who only wants to work a couple of days a week; not a problem, but she won’t help me with my overtime situation this week.  She was supposed to train last Saturday and tomorrow (Friday), but something came up with one of her kids and asked if she could switch her training to Wednesday and Friday.  So she was agreeing to come in on a day she didn’t want to work to make up for not coming in Saturday.  As I mentioned, neither of her days helped me this week, so I said fine.

The next day I get a call from the Council of Captains informing me that I had made a poor decision.  They wanted me to strong-arm the single-mother (whose days of availability they had dictated to me on Thursday); without informing me of this.  Apparently she called the Council and they told her to call me.  They didn’t tell me that they were setting me up to be the bad guy and wanted me to knuckle down on the new girl, who wouldn’t help me in the least this week, anyway.

That was Strike Two!

Two, you ask?  Yes Strike One came on my first day when I asked my new subordinates to work extra and off-day shifts to cover the missing days, probably without overtime (we just give them extra days off to keep under 40 hours).  Apparently by my asking them to do so, keep in mind I got all the shifts covered, showed me to be a ‘weak commander’ and ‘unfit for leadership’ because my rank and position indicates that I should make a schedule and force my workers to follow by it, regardless of their personal obligations.

Did I mention the first thing they told me is that my primary concern should be making all of the officers ‘like and respect’ me, because they all hated my old boss and he couldn’t get them to do anything when he asked them to do it.

…go ahead, take a moment and think about that.

To paraphrase this guy, “That’s what we call a contradiction.  That means all the previous shit you just said…is now stupid.”


But remember, the most important thing is that I’m making an extra 6 grand a year now.  Y’know, until tomorrow when they review my payroll and see that we still had 8 hours of extra time.  Then that’s Strike Three!!

Yerrr Ooot!

Yerrr Ooot!


Of course to be fair…I’m well-liked by the other officers and the locals we watch over, otherwise-efficient, dedicated, and dashingly handsome.

Well, y’know…at least the first three.


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