Iron Man 3 Review

I hit the theaters the other night to see Iron Man 3.  I own the first one, saw the second on Netflix, so I figured that since Iron Man was always my favorite Avenger, I’d pay the $10 to see it in the Theater.  I like Robert Downey Jr.’s rendition of Tony Stark, much better than I ever liked the cartoon rendition of him from the old Saturday Morning Cartoons versions of the Avengers.

I’ve seen Iron Man as a voice-less, robotic, yes-man who simply nods and carries out Captain America’s orders; a stern-faced batman-wannabe who gets sad and introverted when he thinks about how his Iron Man suit is the only thing really keeping him alive; and now I’ve seen him as a personable billionaire mogul who is a likable guy, albeit somewhat of an anti-hero asshole.

Of course, I’m going to try to avoid spoilers as much as possible; just know the following things:

-Tons of action and Snarky-Stark dialogue.

-Gwyneth Paltrow looks hotter than she ever has (still not sexiest woman alive hot, but she’s not bad).

-Jon Favreau with hair that makes him look like John Travolta’s character from Pulp Fiction.

-A decent, albeit predictable, storyline.

-Ben Kingsley plays a great role in the movie; a very interesting take on The Mandarin.

All in all I’d say it’s definitely a good movie to see.  One note, though, you should definitely see the Avengers first.  They make a lot of references to that film and I, unfortunately and sadly, have not seen it.  The movie was still good, but a few inside references might have been a little quicker and easier to figure out if I’d seen the Avengers.  All the talk of wormholes and aliens and I felt like Sgt. Schultz.  I saw nothing, I knew nothing!

I see nothing, I know...nothing!

I see nothing, I know…nothing!

So once you’ve seen everything before it, have a trot to the theater and check it out, definitely.  Oh and, of course with every one of the Marvel films, stay after the credits and watch.  The epilogue is cute and funny.

As I said before, though, the storyline is rather predictable.  There are a few twists and you will see most of them coming, although to be fair that’s kind of intentional in a few cases.  There is one or two things that caught me by surprise, but most of it was, “Yup, saw that coming; knew that was gonna happen; well duh…who didn’t see that coming, except you Stark?”

But where the storyline fails the dialogue and nifty action scenes make up for it; all in all a pretty good movie.  It’ll never be a classic by any means, but still worth watching.



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