Telltale Humble Bundle: Poker Night at the Inventory!

I got the Telltale humble bundle recently and the first game I played was Poker Night at the Inventory.  It’s a Texas Hold’Em style poker game where you play against 5 fictional celebrities, namely Max from Sam & Max, Strong Bad from Homestar Runner, The Heavy from Team Fortress 2, and Tycho from Penny Arcade.

That last one is extra funny because Tycho is in the game and one of the two charities you can donate your purchase amount to is Child’s Play, which was founded and is run by the folks from Penny Arcade.

But anyway, it’s a pretty interesting game if you’re into any of those series or sources and like poker, I highly recommend it.  And of course I suggest it because it’s the Humble Bundle so you can name your own price and get things for ridiculously cheap, or ridiculously expensive…depending on what you want to spend, yourselves.  You can also adjust how much of your price goes to the developer(s), the charities, and to the folks who keep Humble Bundles going.

Anyway, this is my story of the first time I played Poker Night at the Inventory (unfortunately I played it on the Laptop, so I’ve got no screenshots or game footage, sorry).

I watched the opening and started up a game of poker.  The opening hand I had a pretty good go, two pair on the flop.  Tycho went all-in and I called…he had three of a kind, I had two pair.  So Tycho was out in the first hand.

I won the next two hands and Strong Bad went all in on a hand where I had a Queen and a nine with King, Jack, and four on the table.  They threw down a ten; just what I needed to win!  Strong Bad had two pair, I had a straight and I took him out of the game.  Both Max and The Heavy were already under $5,00 left.

Max and I both went toe to in the next hand and we wound up with the exact same hand, which was hilarious because he spouts off something to the effect of, “We’ve got the same cards?  That’s amazing, that means you’re as insane as I am!”

Two hands later I had him out of the game and it was down to the Heavy and I.  We went back and forth a few times before I finally dogged him out and won the game, a total of 16 hands played.

Not a bad day, since it meant I’d just made $40,000 profit in the game.  I wish I could make that kind of money in real life.


Anybody want to make a bet?




Seriously though, go buy that Humble Bundle…only 3 more days and a handful of hours, as of this post to get it!!


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