February Dick of the Month: Restaurant Customer in Houston

This month’s Dick of the Month has a little twist to it.  And no I don’t mean it’s on time.  Not only are we going to highlight someone for being a total dick of douchebag level, but we’re going to highlight another person for being a dickhead of heroic levels.

Because if there’s nothing we like more here at DickJutsu.com it’s to prove that just being a dick isn’t necessarily a bad thing; but rather it’s being a dick for no reason.  Or being a dick to a person who doesn’t deserve being dicked around.  Also…pie.

No, seriously...it's all for the pie.

No, seriously…it’s all for the pie.

Our story begins at Laurenzo’s Family Restaurant in Houston, Texas.  A waiter, Michael Garcia, was waiting on the Castillo family; a family that has a 5-year-old son with Down syndrome.  The family in the booth next to the Castillo’s get up and move to the other side of the restaurant as the father says, “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.”

This, folks, is someone being a dick…to a five-year-old with Down syndrome.  We, at Dickjutsu.com, do not support such dickery.  Dickery should be used for the good of society, not for ill.

That’s when Michael Garcia, holding at the very least a blue belt in Dickjutsu, approaches the family and tells them, “Sir…I won’t be able to serve you.”

Garcia refused to serve the family, also regulars to the establishment like the Castillos, and they left in a huff.  Garcia has received a bunch of money and cards, he said that people from all over the world come to the restaurant to take pictures with him, and he’s getting ridiculously sizable tips.  All of the extra money he said he’s giving to the school that the Castillo’s kid goes to to support education for special needs children.

This is using dickery for good.  Let’s all be frank, Garcia was a huge dick for refusing to serve the assholes who made a snarky comment about the retarded kid.  But as Commissioner Gordon might say, “He’s not the dick we deserve, he’s the dick we need.”

No, okay maybe Gordon wouldn’t say that, because it sounds like a bad line from a Batman themed porno.

Did someone call for a Dark Knight?

Did someone call for a Dark Knight?

Anyway, the point is that Garcia is a hero of dickery and the father of the other family is just a plain ol’ dickhead.  So, father of the other family who made fun of young Milo Castillo, you are the February Dick of the Month!


And because the Laurenzo’s manager didn’t fire Garcia, we’ll give them some free advertisement for supporting righteous justice.second-logo

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