Shirts vs. Skins!

There is serious gender inequality, roving our streets every day; especially in the warm summer months!  Men walking down the streets, shirtless, while women are forced to wear this!


Well, okay, so America’s not quite that bad.  Here women wear this…


Maybe the Burqa’s not such a bad thing?

But they should be allowed to wear this…

Scientific fact, black bars make blue balls.

Scientific fact, black bars make blue balls.

Notice the problem here?  A topless man is perfectly acceptable to show on television, in movies, even in children’s stuff.  But a topless woman?  Instant pornography!

This is gender inequality at its most basic level.  We complain about Burqas, headscarves, and veils in Middle Eastern countries, Airlines requiring skirts or dresses and a specific type of makeup, glass ceilings in the private market, or jokes about women drivers.  But what about the simple fact that we, as a society, look at the female breast, particularly the nipple…something that gives and maintains life among our species, as obscene.

How is a woman’s breast, and her nipple, an obscene thing but a man’s useless moob and nipple are not?  Why are men allowed to walk down the street in nothing but a speedo and women are ostracized as whores for showing cleavage?

I’ve heard that it would increase rapes.  Well that’s a stupid point.  Maybe if we didn’t look at breasts as such a sexual thing and we just looked at them as what they are, a part of the human body, we wouldn’t have so any sexually frustrated idiots who think that rape is acceptable.

We either need to allow women to walk around bare-chested, or remove a man’s right to walk around bare-chested.  It’s sexual discrimination, the same as forcing a man to cut his hair for a job, but not a woman; the same as forcing a woman to wear a skirt in the workplace, but men can wear pants; the same as requiring a woman to wear a shawl that makes it impossible to see her face but men don’t even have to wear a hat.

Equality isn’t hard, it just takes someone to realize, “Wholly shit, this is wrong, let’s un-wrong it, maybe?”


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