Modestly Boastful

I was sitting around with nothing else to occupy my time.

Yeah, you know what I was doing...

Yeah, you know what I was doing…

Well I got to thinking about commonly used words in the English language, again.
When people learn that I am a martial artist they always ask for some sort of credentials (as if I was actually that concerned with your respect in me to care). And sure enough that credential always comes down to “Do you have a Black Belt?” Actually, no…I do not have a black belt in any of the half-dozen styles of martial arts I have trained in.
I do have 24 years of experience in the martial arts, though. I have worked as an instructor in a dojo, before. My particular specialty was in showing black belts how to transition their dojo-learned combat skills into real-world self-defense.
But I try to avoid that conversation as much as possible, because it just makes me sound butt-hurt (that’s young-folk talk for feeling ‘upset’) about not having a black belt.  And they still want some kind of credential, which I cannot easily present.

At least, not without kicking them in the face.

At least, not without kicking them in the face.

Instead I shift the conversation by admitting that I am an “Award-Winning” martial artist. I was awarded second place in both weapons and unarmed demonstrations at a tournament.  Yes, technically speaking that means that I am award-winning, because I won an award for it.

So that segued into me thinking about the word remarkable.  Now remarkable means someone who is worth talking about, i.e. someone is worth making a remark about.  But really, remarkable could be construed to mean anyone who is able to make a remark.  So if you can speak audibly, you are remarkable.

I often make snide remarks, so I’m maliciously remarkable.  Any wonder why foreigners have such trouble with the English language?


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