March Dick of the Month: Skateboarding Cad

I’m no big fan of the boy scouts, especially since they’ve been bought out by the Mormons and are just a tool of Christian fanatics, but with the blessing of the government.  However I’m far more lenient to the Girl Scouts, because at least they’re a little more all-inclusive.


I’d much rather donate money to the girl scouts than to some church organization that pays for them to go to some third world country where people are starving and dying of terrible diseases so they can hand out bibles and teach the poor bastards their new ‘civilized’ names.

Some people are a little more unscrupulous than me, though, and are even willing to go so far as to rob Girl Scouts.  Like this unscrupulous fellow here.

That’s right, when the Girl Scouts started tearing down their stand he rolled by and snatched up their bag of cash, totaling about $552.  He’d apparently been milling about for some time waiting for his chance.  In that time he could have, you know…gotten a job and made his own damn money.

I think the best part is how the newspaper called him a cad.  Sometimes having a biased news organization can be a good thing, because this guy should be beaten repeatedly.  If you want to rob something, go rob a bank, or a gun store.

So for being a giant thieving douchebag, you are the March Dick of the Month, Skateboarding Cad!



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