April Dick of the Month: New Zealand Mother

There are some very good parents out there.

Above: The polar opposite of helicopter parenting. See also: Parental Neglect.

This woman is not one of them.  Leaving your infant child asleep in your car while you go grocery shopping is not proper parenting.  Now don’t get me wrong, I think ‘Helicopter Parenting’ is foolhardy and creates overly dependent little sods.  But there’s a difference between ‘Free-Range Parenting’ and ‘Neglectful Parenting’.

This is not even on the border of neglectful parenting.  My former brother-in-law did this to my 6-year-old nephew…my sister divorced him over it (hence the former part).  Judging by the picture the weather wasn’t all that nice, either; probably cold and humid.  The kid could have suffered from some manner of breathing issue and suffocated.  What if something happened and nobody walked past the car to call her?  What if they did call her and she took too long to run back to the car?  What if a Nepiophile came through and busted the window, took the kid, and raped it?

Not to mention the stupid people who stood around and stared, a few of them deciding to call the poor, tired mother who, ‘Just made a bad decision.’  Fuck you, that’s called enabling; you are enabling dangerous, possibly fatal, stupidity.  Innocent people will die because you let idiots be idiots without getting them off the street and out of important positions…like motherhood, or the presidency.

So, for horrific and public displays of parental neglect…Unnamed New Zealand Mother, you are the April Dick of the Moth!



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