Behind The Scenes: July DotM

A couple days ago I finally got the July Dick of the Month up.  I had a small stack of pictures on my desk (figuratively speaking, of course; I work in a digital format) and had to decide which one I wanted to use for the Christian school punch line.  I finally went this one…

"Susie, was it worth the eternal hellfire of damnation?" "Totally."

“Susie, was it worth the eternal hellfire of damnation?” “Totally.”

But there were a couple of other good ones I didn’t use.  I hated to waste them, so here’s a short Photopost to show you the ones that were ‘cutting-room floor’ for the Dick of the Month post.  A few of them are just generally funny, a few of them are tragically thought-provoking.  One is just cruelly thought-provoking.  I’ll try not to end on the cruel one.



If you’re happy and you know it, rub your dick! What, the book says we can’t do that, either?


Those poor doctors, if only we could make it up to them by paying them inordinate sums to save our lives. 

Yeah, this was the cruel one I was talking about. That God I didn’t end with–whoops.


The Godcebo effect.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey Shaffer
    Jan 26, 2014 @ 18:23:13

    Yes, that’s exactly what your guardian angel looks like most of the time. 😛

    Love, Mom 🙂


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