Shorty Shorts #16 Another School Bus?

I know I promised the merch post today, but I wanted to get this off my chest while I was still thinking of it…

I drive past a Strip Club on my way to work (and back home) and the other day I saw a school bus that, I assume was broken down, parked in their parking lot.  The sight of a school bus in a strip club parking lot got me thinking about weird things.  And here is a list of those weird things!


They didn’t have field trips like that when I was in school!


They needed a whole bus for Take Your Daughters to Work day?


Seems to be a popular spot for Job Shadowing.


The slippery slope of split-gender gym classes has turned to this: The boys play dodge ball, and the girls pole dance.


Finally, something fun to do with all that Art Class glitter: Stripper body-painting!


It’s not a Hooters, so they can’t be there for the Wings.


Okay, that’s it for me.  I will still put up the merch we bought this week.



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