October Dick of the Month: Utah Scout Leader Vandals

Have you ever gone out and done something, with wholly good intentions, hoping to make the world a better place…and then caused irreparable damage? We’ve all been there, right? After all, just like they say, “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions.”

Sometimes you say something meant to inspire and you depress a person, sometimes you try to patch a hole in the wall and fall through a hole in the floor, and sometimes you try to make a passageway safe and destroy 170 million year old stone formation.

Such is the case of Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall who were leading an expedition of Boy Scouts through Goblin Valley State Park and they noticed a stone formation near the walking path that they deemed to be very precarious.

They decided it was their duty to knock the precariously positioned rock off its foundation. The problem with this is two-fold:

1. They are NOT Park Rangers; they are not hired, trained, and tasked to take care of the park and all of its territory.

2. They ARE Boy Scout Group Leaders; they work for an organization that has a ‘Leave No Trace’ rule.


The good news is these men got their comeuppance; they were stripped of their status with the Boy Scouts and charged with Felony Mischief charges. They plead guilty to a Misdemeanor charge, instead, so they’ll have some hefty fines to pay.

The fines will go toward putting signs up to prevent other well-intentioned idiots from doing something as stupid as these fellows did.

I mentioned the Road to Hell’s paving before, but do you know what else is paved with Good Intentions? The Road to Dick of the Month!

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