Memorial Day 2014

You know what day it is…well actually what day it was yesterday.  You see, in honor of Memorial Day, which honors the troops killed in action in our uniforms, under our flags, to ensure we get nifty things like the internet, buildings that aren’t bombed into rubble, and potable water I played a nifty game called War Thunder.  It takes place in World War II.  It counts.

Anyway, it’s time to honor the troops with funny pictures, like we are wont to do every year around Memorial Day (and Veteran’s Day, and Independence Day, and well…okay so it’s a cheap easy post to make when I’m doing holiday stuff).

First we’ll honor the Army:

Their motto isn't Army Sane, after all.

Their motto isn’t Army Sane, after all.

Then the Air Force:

us air force boobs

USAF, the only branch where ‘bombing’ a test is a good thing.


We can’t forget the Marine Corps; Ooh-Rah!




And, of course, our friends in the Navy:


Oh Captain, my Captain!


Always remember the fierce wardogs that win victory to protect this country from all threats, foreign, domestic, and maybe even imaginary.  To the tanks and planes of tomorrow, all the way from the days of cavalry charges:


And speaking of wardogs, let’s not forget our trusty k-9 companions who keep our troops warm in foxholes and ruthlessly bite, maul, and eat whatever may attempt to harm them.

Rowr!  I are the Viking Dog!

Rowr! I are the Viking Dog!

But always remember that Memorial Day is, at its heart, a solemn day to remember those who didn’t make it back to enjoy the laughs we share right now.


Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick!”  Soldiers are our stick, they are the reason why we are speaking English without a bunch of unnecessary ‘u‘s and why we have the choice to hang the flag on our porch, burn in a bonfire, or cover a table with it.  Regardless of where the country is, where it’s headed, or what may come of it…the soldiers are the reason we are a country.  We stand on the foundation they have built for us, with their blood, sweat, tears, bodies, and sheer willpower.




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