Guess Who Is Selling Avon?

That’s right, folks, the wife has started selling Avon.  She has a website and now she’s utilizing the YouTube channel to hawk her wares.  So if you’re interested in all things Avon, especially if you want to support the site, take a gander and buy some stuff.  Support the site, you ask?  That’s right!  In case you’ve forgotten how the internet works, you can show your support by liking these posts, sharing them, and also by sending me money!!

Just pretend I’m a relative being held captive and the ransom is whatever you’re willing to spend.  Send the money now, or else you might get an ear in the mail.

Uhh, okay I’m making things awkward, now.  If you want actual DickJutsu merchandise, you can click on the anthropomorphic penis on the right side of the screen and buy some clothes or such.  But if you want something without a penis on it, then take a gander at the wife’s site:

Want to know what kind of stuff we’ve got for sale?  Take a look at her new Youtube Video describing some deals…


Thanks for all the support, moral and monetary.


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